My twenty-year struggle led me to find my life purpose. Finally learning to listen to my instincts brought me followed the right path to find peace and freedom, from physical and mental illness.  I'm now determined to help many others achieve similar recovery and success by telling my story and sharing my BEMASS technique and the knowledge and wisdom I have gained to inspire and teach. BEMASS empowers people by self-transformation to take back control of their life.. emotionally, mentally and physically.


"BEMASS empowers people by self-transformation, to take back control of their life - emotionally, mentally and physically. "


BEMASS stands for Body, Energy, Mind, and Soul Story

BEMASS is a complete holistic whole body, energy, mind and soul healing technique. It offers amazing life-changing results with minimum effort by healing past wounds, masks, memories, triggers, negative behaviours, self-sabotage, addictions and so much more. It simultaneously pinpoints and releases causes of stress and overwhelming emotions and combats feelings such as fear, anxiety, loneliness, grief, obsession, and self-judgment.

With specifically written self-hypnosis meditations, it targets and overwrites the dis-empowering thoughts, negative beliefs, resistant emotional states, and eliminates self-sabotaging patterns or behaviours keeping you stuck – all by you accessing your subconscious database in a unique non-invasive way. It then disconnects and changes resistant perspectives and emotions around the past trauma, memories or situations, and can erase triggers around PTSD, mental health, relationship problems, health issues, and life struggles.

BEMASS helps you to change negative momentum around your thought processes by removing the resistance that creates them. You become consciously awakened to them, choose to change them and your subsequent reactions.



BEMASS helps anyone struggling with negative habitual patterns or addictions, It’s perfect for those looking to heal depression, anxiety or destructive emotions that hold you back. You just need to be open-minded and have a desire to heal yourself. BEMASS diagnostic tools will find what needs releasing from the body, energy, mind, and soul to help you move forward, find success, be creative or find forgiveness. With BEMASS, you’re guided to use your own powerful natural internal intelligence – your subconscious, to gently eliminate difficult past events, you gently guide yourself to disconnect, let go and erase past negative feelings and emotions through meditation. You just listen at bedtime and when you wake up, it’s that simple. The more you listen, the quicker the changes happen for you.


There will be several ways that BEMASS can be accessed at different levels of affordability,  starting with personal 
1-2-1- sessions/programs, then online group workshops with support for particular 'challenges' We are also planning Summer 2020 a 3-day retreat. such as weight management or self-confidence.

The Team is also creating programs for everyone to have access to and download. They will be our powerful self-help meditations to create transformational changes to the challenges you struggle with.

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