Using BEMASS specific diagnostic sheets I guide you to access and acknowledge resistances you hold in your subconscious using the Sway Method. It can pinpoint causes of particular negative emotions, wounds, trigger or behaviours connecting to past memories, incidents or accidents. 


Even if you’re not fully conscious of what causes a ‘challenge’ in your life, BEMASS guides you and your sway to locate everything connected an relevant.


It accurately finds negative emotions involved, types of barriers or masks you hide behind, limitations standing in your way, even all the wounds and triggers around old memories or negative patterns of behaviours.


No need for guesswork or trawling through painful past experiences. During 1-2-1 sessions, you are guided by a set of very specific Yes or No questions to complete a personalised diagnostic sheet ready to release in a type of self-hypnosis meditation at the end of the session. 

We use this in BEMASS as it's an easy way to harness and the incredible power of your subconscious mind and internal intelligence via our natural energy field, and it will always give you the truthful answer. The sway is used in Kinesiology, but many professionals now use this as a primary testing method as It's a form of muscle testing. But I have found it also reads energetic records in your subconscious, your body, and body systems as well and your energy systems, in great detail - all connected to all and any past experiences you've have had. This still blows me away today, we have access to our own internal library and our intuition. 


I ask you to stand comfortably, with no shoes and relax. Eyes can be open or closed, but open can help you keep your balance. This can also be done while sitting in a chair with practice. The first time, it might take a second or two to notice the sway. A good first test, to calibrate, can be your name: “My name IS (say your name)” Wait for a sway, usually under 5 seconds. You can ask/test anything, even to confirm false things. Your sway is just a movement of energy when we stand it pulls us forward or backward.

It's a simple method of obtaining an honest yes (sway forward) or no ( sway backward) response. Having an open mind helps, but you all have this within you!  I also find once we start tapping into the subconscious in this way, my client's intuition connects to more details they experienced or had forgotten. Everything is connected to what we work on, the subconscious cleverly brings them into the conscious mind.

Interesting Background: The Sway Test was documented in 1964 by Dr. George Goodheart, Jr, who introduced the world to Applied Kinesiology. He based it on the scientific fact that the body, your direct link to the subconscious, never lies.


In the 1970s, Dr. John Diamond applied it to test the positive and negative effects our thoughts have on the Thymus Gland which is located beneath the upper middle part of our breastbone, and the master controller of our life energy. It is used as a standard for chiropractors, nutritionists, and homeopaths who use muscle/energy testing to dialog with the body. It is a key calibration component of the Quantum Change Process™ (

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