​" BEMASS helps you communicate directly with your subconscious and creates permanent life-changing transformations. When listening to BEMASS specialised meditations, you set strong intentions to release resistance around disempowering memories and pinpoint connected triggers, wounds, and beliefs. Once overwritten, these old connections, past wounds, and memories will never return!"

BEMASS helps find causes behind a range of life challenges and negative behaviours - to understand the whys - to release stuck emotions and disempowering beliefs, as well as releasing struggles, obsession and challenges. It’s format uses very specific words and phrases, to allow you to acknowledge any resistance, and choose to let it go.
 Yes - its that simple! It helps you to utilise the power of your subconscious, to disconnect and overwrite negatives, and create positive changes while you relax and close your eyes.

There is a universal belief that we become what we think, we should think positively to be compatible with the life we want to lead. Coming from dark times myself, I understand this is harder than it sounds. We all have our own story, and perspective based on our past experiences, some of which are buried deep within. We become addicted to past sabotaging beliefs and emotions, they become our reality become trapped in negative emotional states and behaviours struggling to see a way out!

BEMASS meditation programs use unique wording to disconnect resistance standing in your way. A specific formula creates perfect meditation for each challenge. They are designed to target challenges which many people struggle with. 


Meditations will be rolled out during February 2020, they can be downloaded on the website Meditation DOWNLOAD page.

The first meditation programs to appear will be for :


  • Sleep and Insomnia 

  • Pain relief

  • Addictions and Obsessions

  • Weight Management

  • Self Confidence

A FREE GIFT to use or share - Pain and sleep disturbance were two symptoms I once suffered with.
I want to help you feel the benefits of BEMASS for FREE. I am giving a SLEEP/INSOMNIA and PAIN CONTROL meditation for away FREE.  All I ask if for you to try it every night, for 3 weeks before bed, (or more if you wish) and give honest feedback on how it changes your symptoms and any other positive changes in behaviors, emotions, self-confidence etc.
My mission is to help as many people as possible and sharing your testimonials on our Facebook Page will help. THANK YOU x


BEMASS helps you improve your health and wellbeing, using specifically targeted wording.  Each program will have up to 4 transformational meditations. You should notice changes quickly, and the more times you listen, the greater the change you'll notice. Each meditation targets different levels of resistance in your subconscious, your body, and energy systems in a controlled way. Each time you listen to the recording, another layer of resistance will be picked up and released as you clear more and more layers standing in your way.


Listening to each meditation until you no longer feel any resistance is important, this should be a minimum of  2 to 3 weeks before moving onto the next. You can always go back over them again if you feel something new has come to the surface at a later date. Repetition is key, the more you listen, the faster you release, the more you're subconscious believes in the words,  and healing will take place. You'll find a new perspective around past wounds, triggers or worries, and resistance causing the problem in the first place.  

An important Informational VIDEO and accompanying worksheet will explain how to use meditations to best effect. It must be watched first before starting any meditation program to guide you to the greatest transformation. It allows the words you hear connect to your subconscious in a very special way, to create shifts, and allow you to acknowledge fully what you hear, to let it all go, and overwrite it. This is part of the transformational healing process unique to BEMASS and needs to be understood fully.


BEMASS works quicker than normal meditations because it releases the buried resistance standing in your way at the same time as bringing in positive intentions! The meditations work to release resistance preventing positive changes in your mind, body, and energy in other areas of your life too which are connected to or causing your 'challenge'. 


These meditations are only designed to tackle one 'challenge at a time, to help as many people as possible the BEMASS way. For a more in-depth diagnostic of your life, however, covering many challenging behaviors and stuckness, a 1 on 1 session would give greater access to exactly what stands in your way in more detail. You get to talk through the findings, and really get to the bottom of the cause of resistance you struggle with created in your past.


If these meditations help and you are looking for more in-depth healing, please contact us via the website to find out about 1-2-1 sessions or  supported group BEMASS programs we hold online

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