BEMASS Programme and Cost

If there is a particular area of your life you are struggling with, I can help you concentrate on working to releasing them using BEMASS, or by pulling Oracle cards, both give advice to work on the certain areas yourself.

Everything you have ever experienced emotionally is stored in great detail in your body's energy field(Aura), and your sub conscious mind. The information is integrate with your body and body systems too, they all work together. 


When negative experiences around past incidents or memories are stored, significant negative emotions create unbalance and blocked energy over time, these causing problems in our body, energy and mind.

These shows up as feelings of being stuck, maybe struggling to move forward, preventing creativity, or cause negative behaviours that stop success in life? I give guidance to help navigate and understand whats keeping you stuck.

Body Energy Mind and Soul Story Healing

I devise a personal BEMASS programme for you.  This is a unique subconscious healing tool that allow me to tap into your energy field, and subconscious - we are all connected universally through energy - don't worry I cant know your secrets!

I can however find out why you are struggling at a deeper level, the root cause, any triggers, any deep wounds carry, and any connections and much more - even things you cant remember, or don't want to deal with. 

I help you heal past pain, incidents and memories, and immediately reset and overwrite the effects they've had on you emotionally, mentally and physically.

What does it cost?

If you are interested in really shifting any behaviours, trauma, effects of past programming or conditioning, mental or physical stress, disempowering emotional states, addictions and the  energy imbalance caused, we can speak further about starting a BEMASS program. This really shifts deeper rooted challenges or problems. I will personally guide you to make positive changes to your mental and physical health, and create positive outcomes around current life situations. I also use energetic distance healing for additional support where needed in between sessions.

If choosing BEMASS,  I expect you to be fully committed to yourself in order to see vast changes quickly and permanently. I ask you sign up for minimum of 6 session, over 3 months, where you receive 1-2-1 advice and support through weekly correspondence, an hour and half zoom session (approx) fortnightly,  personalised 30 minute release and heal statement created specifically for you.

These 6 sessions are £1198 - A deposit of £400 up front, and payments of £133 paid in advance of each session.

Each fortnight session includes 4 hours of my time to support you - This includes working out your programme, a fortnightly zoom call, work sheets and advice, plus supporting you with distance healing, investigating the causes and variables to work on for the next session. I will also be on hand when problems arise, or you may be struggling.

So if any of this is something you are interested in let me know. If you want to have a card reading first and then decide you want to follow up with BEMASS I will take the cost of the reading off the £400 deposit.

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