What can I expect if I use a BEMASS Meditation?
  • With BEMASS, we use the power of your subconscious mind and your innately human ability to visualize, to find and overwrite emotional representations of past experiences that keep you stuck and cause unbalance in your body, energy, and mind.

  • Each of the BEMASS meditation programs is specifically targeted to help YOU highlight areas of YOUR life that cause resistance within your subconscious. This is very much a self-help tool.

  • Meditations concentrate on releasing the links to specific experiences and their connections to negative triggers, wounds and emotional states. These include the many layers of resistant effects, feelings, behaviours and resistant energy that cause life's challenges. 

  • These 3-5month programs work quickly to overwrite negative or overwhelming perspectives and behaviors. 

  • Created to set healing intentions, the meditations disconnect and let go of past resistance, the subconscious pinpoints and immediately heals the voids and wounds with new positive affirmations. These quickly create positive change, peace, and freedom around the challenge you struggle with.

  • They have a positive knock-on effect through the rest of your life. You're releasing deep connections to many past wounds during listening, so you'll likely notice changes to negative personality traits or insecurities in other areas of your life too.

  • For the program to be effective you MUST be dedicated to healing yourself and creating changes in your life and follow the instructions.

  • Each listen of the meditation goes deeper and deeper into your subconscious and you'll be aware of different emotions or feelings each time. As the layers of past resistance are stripped away, changes will happen. So Day 1 shifts very different levels of resistance to day 10, or week 3.

  • Meditations clear past programming and social constraints that hold you back; they overwrite connections to triggers, wounds and negative perspectives around specified incidents and accidents

  • Additional meditation programs will be rolled out every month helping a range of life challenges. If you do not see one that is helpful for you,  join our BEMASS Meditations Facebook Page to see which meditations are being rolled out that month.


Most importantly, we hope you enjoy your journey and move forward to live the life you deserve. Love Helen & the BEMASS team x

How does BEMASS work?

Using a specific set of BEMASS diagnostic sheets, we access and acknowledge resistances you hold, including any causes of particular negative emotions or behaviours you display, all connected to memories, incidents or accidents.

Even if you’re not fully conscious of what causes a ‘challenge’ in your life, BEMASS allows you to locate everything connected to it anyway. It accurately pinpoints any negative emotions involved, the types of barriers or masks you hide behind, limitations standing in your way, even all the wounds and triggers around any old memories or negative patterns of behaviours. Many go back to childhood! But no need for guesswork or trawling through painful past experiences though.


What happens in 1-2-1- sessions?

During the 1-2-1 sessions, you are guided by a set of very specific Yes or No questions to complete a personalised diagnostic sheet ready to release afterward in a guided meditation at the end of the session.


In BEMASS we use the energy sway test to pinpoint accurate answers to everything recorded in your past, positive and negative. They are stored as energy in your body, subconscious, and soul - as well as your energy field. Originally discovered as a form of muscle testing, the sway reads and replies to questions you ask it. It bypasses your thought processes, to give accurate answers held in your own library of energetic knowledge. Its the most natural, accurate and free testing tool at your disposal.


Targeted Meditations

When downloading the self-help BEMASS meditation programs, you still have access to the diagnostic sheet accuracy.  They cover and locate the majority of resistances you hold in your body, energy, mind and soul story, and are designed to cover a wide range of individual challenges in detail.


These self-hypnosis meditations have been specifically written to help as many people as possible. They are worded to connect directly to your subconscious and your healing internal intelligence. By listening in a relaxed state your subconscious automatically and easily locates and releases any connected types of masks, wounds, effects, and resistances present, any resistant emotional states and triggers mentioned - around the program ‘challenge’ you purchase.

"Most 'holistic' treatments, however beneficial, are out of reach of those who really need it -  BEMASS has been created to be affordable and accessible!''

Helping the many- rather than few!


I intend to help as many people as possible this way with BEMASS. It was always going to be my gift to humanity, and as low cost as possible. I know I can't possibly work with enough people 1-2-1 to make a difference. Affordability was paramount when I decided to share  BEMASS publicly. Most 'holistic' treatments, however beneficial are out of reach of those who really need it! and there shouldn't be such a high price for health, especially for those who need it. I went into debt when looking for answers to my poor mental and physical health putting additional strain on file relationships.


I'm creating something affordable and know these meditations work on clients,  downloads will become available over the next few months for specific challenges. These are a perfect and simple self-help tool to use for whoever needs them. Just listen every night before you drop off to sleep, for three weeks. The changes you experience will create positive shifts in your body, your energy systems, your mind, and your internal intelligence begins to heal you, and free your inner child and soul from resistances. You'll become more empowered and in control of the emotional reactions to negative situations in your life.

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