BEMASS Weekends and workshops

We offer a small group of a maximum of 10 people. A group session shows you how your subconscious mind works, and how with positive can gain control of it, to use its power to your benefit, rather than it controlling you with past programmings.

During the weekend there are mentors at hand to help you complete your worksheets, and release a statement that you can take home to continue the good work. We offer personal, and full support to create big shifts in your life.

It will really allow you to take an in-depth look at why you struggle. To understand your challenges holding you back, or what's causing your stress.  They help you make huge changes to your thinking to moving forwards and increase your energy and . So if its time to release those negative connections holding you back, and change your perspective, to make successful changes, get in touch.

BEMASS is a Non-invasive technique.  During a BEMASS consultation, you’re guided to locate negative subconscious patterns of behaviour and any disharmony in your body’s energy connected to past wounds and triggers. We establish any resistant emotional state/s you’re stuck in, any attached feelings, emotions or behaviours, the protective masks in play, plus any negative habitual patterns and self-sabotage. It will even find negative energy held in the body which has the potential of causing stress-related symptoms or illness.

We prioritise the challenges that are creating the most difficulties in your life. BEMASS also locates past programming and negative emotions, clears self-sabotage patterns and changes your perceptions around past events, as well as releasing connections to them altogether! We help you to simultaneously overwrite any past negativity with new uplifting intentions and positive emotions in a self-hypnosis style meditation/reprogramming statement.

Heal yourself from the inside out. You will notice significant differences after just one-weekend sessions, but this depending on the depth of old wounds and past programming. However, we are confident that you will notice changes in behaviour and emotions after your first day and will be supported following the event for a month after.

We look forward to meeting and helping you.

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