A Life Without Anxiety - Time To Tell Your Subconscious

Updated: May 5

Have you imagined a life with less anxiety; where you feel lighter and free and there are so many less issues dragging you down?

The BEMASS Technique allows individuals to disconnect, let go of and erase difficult emotional, mental and physical connections to blockages and trauma. We can help you re-programme your subconscious mind and raise you energetically. Even helping to alleviate physical and mental health problems.

The subconscious

Scientists such as Bruce Lipton believe that 95 percent of your life comes from a subconscious program. So by definition your life is run by programmes recorded in your subconscious mind. We were programmed when we were very young, even before we were born, while still in the uterus. So we don’t know all of the programs we have.

If you're not conscious of these programmes then 95 percent of the time you could be sabotaging yourself and you don’t see it. This might explain why you struggle with anxiety, or can't understand why relationships are difficult or why you're in a cycle of negativity.

Where do you feel happy?

If you  want to know what your programmes are, think about what comes easily to you? Where are you happy, content, vibrant and calm? Where you have positive thoughts and emotions, where everything  feels right, you're in flow and it's meant to be? 

Where do you struggle?

Now think where you struggle; think about the times you doubt yourself…Are you untrusting of others, are you controlling, do you struggle with anger, anxiety or indecisiveness and   does life go wrong again and again? Do you feel unsafe, overwhelmed or constricted, or are you hiding past wounds behind bravado or masks you use to protect yourself. These are restrictive programs playing subconsciously that don’t support you and are usually based in fear. Fear or success, or fear of failure, or both simultaneously. 

Positive programming

These negative programmings are what the  BEMASS Technique finds, let's go of, replaces and overwrites with more positive programming. 

Your two minds learn very differently. The conscious mind is creative, it learns by reading, listening, watching, tasting and smelling the world around you. Because it's creative, when you form an idea, a belief or memory around what you have read, heard, seen, smelt or tasted, in that split second, you've affected your decision. You've added to past programming, and it's recorded to what I call BEMASS, your 'story past’ to recall on at a later date.

These new programmings connect to past programmings, and as a collective, become responsible for every perspective, emotion, reaction, thought or belief you experience.  These can be positive and helpful, or negative and detrimental to our lives in many different ways. They can form positive habits or self sabotage behaviour. Your subconscious programmes recall what it thinks is best to keep you safe from harm; but it's flawed.

Changing habits

The subconscious mind is a habit mind. You have to realise you need to change it, to reprogram it, to change your behaviour, perspective, and thoughts and beliefs and how you want to be. Its not easy to change quickly where habits have become ingrained. Unlike the conscious mind, your subconscious mind is very resistant to change. 

So how does BEMASS change my subconscious mind? 

Acknowledge and accept

My belief is that you can talk to your subconscious mind, to let it know you wish to overwrite anything  holding you back. When you acknowledge and accept the past, admit your vulnerability, you can set new intensions of change to move forward and release what has been holding you back.

You choose the current challenge to work on, and we work with you to create a new perspective on a particular physical, mental or emotional life struggle. We then help you to desensitise yourself to your story past by reprogramming emotions around it.

We don’t need the details

This BEMASS method of recall goes beyond what you consciously remember, and takes guess work out of the diagnosis. It doesn't matter if you don't know what the trigger is, we can find out if it's related to a trauma, situation, relationship or person. If its a trauma, then that's all we need to know, you already know the details, we don't need you to drag them up.

It also means we don't talk about any difficult experiences in detail, we go to the source energetically to build the picture. We find the emotional states behind your challenge, and whatever the cause was. You will be guided to find the connections and answers to whatever is holding you back, in a simple and non invasive way.

The process

The process usually takes around two hours. After the diagnostic you'll be guided through a 10 -15 minute self hypnosis/meditation to visualise everything we've found. You’ll then acknowledge it to let it go.  You'll be lead through the process of releasing and repairing old wounds, weaknesses and any effect they've had on you. You'll reprogram yourself with new uplifting, expansive words, intensions and beliefs to creating a new energy in you, giving you peace, freedom and a new inner strength around it. This is followed up by a further recording so you can continue to raise your energy and cement those new beliefs and emotions.

Take control

So it's time to take control and stop yourself playing these disempowering programmes again and again. Stop getting frustrated and angry with yourself, with your life and people around you. Start to becoming conscious of your negative behaviours, thoughts and emotions. Remember, they are just past programming, accept them for what they are without judgement and think what you need to do to change them. Write down negative behaviour and beliefs you say or think about yourself or others. These are holding you back more than you know!


This acknowledgement is the first stage to healing.. admitting you have vulnerability and flaws is ok, we all do. But now you have the knowledge to know you can change them, they are your responsibility, no one can do that for you. The next move is yours.

BEMASS for the many

Although I treat individuals, I've decided to make BEMASS accessible and affordable to as many people as I can. I will be creating a blog and videos in the coming months around BEMASS, the knowledge I have gained and how it's transformed my life and that of clients I've worked with. Despite being out of my comfort zone I know this is something I must share to a wider audience and I've been told, if your dreams arn't scary, they're not big enough!


To help as many people as possible I will create specific meditations/self hypnosis recordings for common challenges that many people have. Starting with one for sleep and insomnia I’ll gauge the response and some feedback on whether they're helpful. If they are, I plan to create an app so they will always be accessible. These will be available onThe BEMASS Technique YouTube channel in the short term. A download will also be available on my website.

These meditations/self hypnosis recordings are generalised and although they will help, they may not target specifically what's in your programming. No individual's story past is the same, we are very complex, so if you are still struggling, please do get in touch to see if we can record you a specifically targeted meditation. Contact us via www.Bemass.co.uk and best of luck on your journey. No two are the same!

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