The Beginning of BEMASS - My life purpose turned out to be a curve ball way off my radar!!

Updated: May 5

Finding health and wellbeing meant a whole lot more to me than I could have ever imagined. I was going to be a creative person.. to the end! In searching for the meaning of my life struggles, I connected to something far bigger than myself, and bigger than my own amazing journey to recovery. My mission is now to help others to find the same peace and freedom from there difficult past!


Reducing my Fibromyalgia symptoms and chronic fatigue by experimenting with holistic methodologies set me on this new and wonderful path in life. My recovery came after nearly 20 years of misery. Trauma and grief triggered my many years of mental and physical health conditions including PTSD. I documented what I found my journey, and now Im using it to help other people in similar circumstances. I understand how there can be many layers of overwhelming grief, trauma, negative emotions, and disempowering thought and beliefs, all of which can bury us, our soul becomes sad and trapped, you live with despair, pain, self-loathing, depression and anxiety....This was my story. But there is a way out!


I continued to research the subject of recovery further. I now understand how the subconscious mind has a huge part to play in our life stories. We hold so many years of negative past programming! You can change your internal programmes to improve and heal your mental and emotional health, and make a difference in your physical health too! it did with mine.

I didn't set out to create this holistic method I now call BEMASS, it just organically happened over several months. All I can say is I was guided to finding the right information, at the right time, to help me build this amazing technique into what it has become. It cleans and heals the Body, Energy, Mind and Soul Story past, present and future simultaneously... and Im so excited by its potential!

I realised early on how precise and powerful BEMASS was, but continues to trail and develop it in resent months, but now I am ready to share it with people who will benefit. It not only locates past programming and negative emotions but changes your perceptions of past events too. It releases the connections to them altogether, and simultaneously overwriting any past negativity with new uplifting intentions, and positive emotions. In previous methods I had used, this had taken me weeks and months of locating blindly, and releasing individual resistances.


During a BEMASS consultation, you're guided to locate negative subconscious patterns of behaviour, and any disharmony in your body's energy, along with connected past wounds and triggers. We establish any resistant emotional state/s you're stuck in, any attached feelings, emotions or behaviours, the protective masks in play, plus and any negative habitual patterns and self-sabotage. It can even find negative energy held in the body which has the potential of causing stress-related symptoms or illness.

We then work using a mixture of self-hypnosis and meditation to completely release and reprogram your perspective around your challenge, and work to change behaviours and overwrite any negative emotional connections. Join our Facebook community page or instagram #bemasshealing It's all very new, so bear with me, going as fast as I can.. way out my comfort zone!

Much Love Hx

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