Helping yourself to heal

Updated: May 5

Are you dedicated to healing yourself and changing your life... ? If so, BEMASS may be for you.. are you ready for an amazing journey of change? BEMASS is a complete holistic whole body, energy, mind and soul healing technique. It offers amazing life-changing results with minimum effort by healing past wounds, masks, memories, triggers, negative behaviours, self-sabotage, addictions and so much more. NO it not too good to be true!

What training or qualifications do I have?

I do not claim to know as much as experts in the fields of spirituality, health and wellbeing, energy work and subconscious programming. Apart from recent Reiki practice training , and an online accredited Shadow Work Practitioner course, to increase my knowledge, my only expertise comes from experience, knowledge and wisdom Ive gained, determination and dedication to healing myself - I have turned this to healing others.

I already help others struggling or suffering as I did, but BEMASS has potential to do so much more. It simultaneously pinpoints and heals causes of stress, overwhelming emotions, and combats feelings such as fear, anxiety, loneliness, grief, obsession, and self-judgement. Happily Im free from 20 years of Fibromyalgia, PTSD symptoms,chronic fatigue, depression, insomnia and intolerances, and have found peace of mind and forgiveness, and created positive changes to broken relationships. So now I turn thoughts towards helping others, to create tailor made BEMAS programmes with specifically written self-hypnosis meditations, to target and overwrites the dis-empowering thoughts, negative beliefs, resistant emotional states, and eliminate self-sabotaging patterns or behaviours keeping many stuck. These will access and change your subconscious database in a unique non-invasive way while you relax, overwriting the resistances that come up while you listen. Is this an intended natural progression?

I know many 1000s of people could benefit from BEMASS, but I can't possibly work with everyone. So despite being out of my comfort zone, I have made a decision to share publicly after witnessing amazing transformation in all my clients. BEMASS creates such powerful changes so quickly with its simple concept, I convinced myself I had to find a way to share it further afield. So in the coming months I will be creating programmes to download, or sign up for to incorporate in a bedtime routine. Its the shortcut I wish I had 20 years ago!

Why choose BEMASS over other methods?

Its quick and simply to use. It allows disconnection from negatives, and changes resistant perspectives and emotions around the 'challenge' you choose. Plus any connected past trauma, memories or situations, also triggers causing mental health, relationship problems or health issues. Even after one sitting you will start noticing positive changes. The more you listen the stronger the effect and changes become more permanent.

Clients who use them more regularly report massive transformations.

You become consciously awakened, and change negative momentums around your thought processes because you've removed the resistance that creates them. These allow you to choose to change old subsequent reactions too, that didn't serve you.

What subjects will BEMASS

To test the interest most affordable meditation programmes, the first roll out will be to help:

- Sleep and insomnia

- Weight Management - Stress and Anxiety

If these are successful as downloads, and people want to create change in different areas of their lives, I have another 30 or more planned over the next 6 months.

Sign up if you would like to have an email informing you of any coming programmes, events or VIP sessions available. Please don't worry about endless sales emails bombarding you.. I just don't have the time or inclination to do this!

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