Trouble sleeping? Sleep Meditation Programme

Are you one of the 40% of people who struggle with sleep?

Are you experiencing symptoms such as: Trouble falling asleep Waking up in the night and struggling to fall back to sleep Waking up too early or Disrupted sleep patterns caused by: Ill health or physical pain Emotional difficulties, including anxiety, stress, depression Traumatic events.

Most adults have had some trouble sleeping because they feel, anxious, worried or nervous, but for some it is a pattern that interferes with sleep on a regular basis. This unique BEMASS mediation could find the causes of your sleep disturbances or insomnia and help to create better sleep patterns.

It’s the first of 4 sleep meditations that will be available at - and we’re certain it will make a difference. Downloads are accessible through the members page.

It’s a unique 20 minute meditation - a guided release and heal statement to help you retrain your subconscious and internal intelligence, to work for you - not against you. It releases resistance from your Body, Energy, Mind and Soul Story. My work is usually 1 on 1 with clients, but I’m sharing this method for the greater good by making it affordable and available to help people who really need it.

Many will feel the benefit after one listen - others may need to listen every evening before sleep for three weeks. We are all unique and this is a generic meditation designed to help most people Each meditation targets different elements causing stress linked to insomnia and sleeplessness - and will allow a more positive sleep pattern in the long term. You may also start to see positive changes in other parts of your waking life too - these meditations are designed to change your life on many levels - not just sleep.

Read more about the BEMASS revolution HERE and do let us know how you get on using the mediations.

Meditation development on PAIN, GRIEF, DEPRESSION, ADDICTION and OBSESSION, LOSS and POOR HEALTH are coming soon. As always, thanks for visiting us at BEMASS. If you are interested in this or any other programmes, please sign up to the website newsletter. *Seek medical advice if you have any concerns regarding your sleep patterns.

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