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Mental Healing after Divorse 

I met Helen when I was in quite a difficult emotional place and I needed some support that was more on a spiritual plane than anything else. It was quite by chance that I met Helen, but I believe she came into my life just when I needed her to.


I only had 2 BEMASS sessions, but I would be only too happy to revisit my treatment if at any stage I felt I needed some further support. At the time I had been through some difficult life events, divorce being one of them. I was feeling down, emotionally battered by life and I was making some bad choices and decisions that I should have known better than to make.


BEMASS helped to get me back on track. It helped me to clearly see what was going on and to stop the downward spiral. I came out of the treatment with a renewed confidence and a renewed ability to make the decisions I needed to make and to have the confidence and courage to stick to those decisions too.



Chronic Anxiety and Stress

At present I have had four sessions, and feel like a new person, it is like the start of a new life! My negativity thinking has gone, anxiety is minimal, I am getting out and enjoying myself, I feel so positive, I am not thinking of the pain 24/7 which makes it all feel so much more bearable.

My physical and mental health has improved massively, for the first time in many years I have taken control of my life and I am buzzing with life and energy.

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MS symptoms and fatigue

I tried many other modalities that didn't even scratch the surface and found that I often felt that I hadn't got to the root of an issue. I could work on emotions and let them go but the root of the problem was still there. BEMASS does what it says on the tin and really does get to the source of an issue and then you are able to release it and let it go. It works on so many levels compared to other modalities. Try it you have nothing to lose. I feel so much better than I have in a long time. Thank you, Helen. Fiona



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Sciatica and Depression

I feel free and more confident, My pain levels have reduced significantly in a short time, and I am happier than O have been in a long time.

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Relationship Stress

This is a remarkable healing modality with meditations for any ailments within your body and mind.
As I’m grieving the very recent loss of my husband finding BEMASS has been my saviour, I’m able to honour my grief with my spirits being lifted to find some joy again in every day living.
Thank you Helen for your help guidance and endless patience.



Depression, Trauma & Sciatica

As someone who was suffering another bout of debilitating severe depression, which was affecting my health, I had been on medication for months and had counselling, I was at my wits end. 

 I knew that my depression was due to traumas in my past and the scars that they had left behind. My experience of counselling, although it gave me some relief never lasted long term and each time it raised its ugly head again it was more severe.

I had not heard of BEMASS but was willing to try anything as I was so desperate and very difficult to live with. My self esteem was through the floor and I hated what I had become.

Helen’ approach was a breath of fresh air; I did not have to revisit the traumas and live through them again. She explained what we would do and what would happen during our sessions so there were no surprises.

I was amazed at what we found. The difficulties that had stayed with me for over sixty years were still causing my dejection and negativity. From listening to the first meditation I could feel my life becoming calmer and suffered a lot less health issues. BEMASS changed my perspective I became a lot more positive, dare I say happier. Working with Helen is easy she is supportive and friendly, everything you need when the going gets tough. 

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Stress and Insomnia

My sleep was terrible before I saw Helen and worked ith BEMASS with her. It worked on my sleep which has improved so much, but also my anxiety too! 

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Self Sabotage

I’m still on my BEMASS journey and know I have lot’s more to do but the positive transformation I already feel has blown me away! I’ve spent most of my life self-sabotaging myself and at 55 years of age, I finally get to recognise this and deal with it. I can’t recommend BEMASS highly enough, it’s a life changer!
Thank You Helen

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Stress and Insomnia

I first contacted Helen, a few months ago, on the recommendation of a friend.

I had recently spent sometime in hospital again and was left not able to eat properly, not sleeping at all well and feeling very low in spirit.

I found Helen very easy to talk to and was pleased that she felt could help me, especially as it didn’t involve yet more medications.

The whole idea is to learn to re programme your way of thinking, learning to leave past worries behind and be more positive about the present and future.

I do still have some bad nights, but the improvement in my sleep pattern has been very good.

I listen to meditations every morning and at bedtime, it is far better than popping pills

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Stress and Anxiety

I suffered from crippling anxiety- struggling to leave the house and unable to drive. I became paranoid and depressed. Recently I have a new lease on life.
 I'm no longer paranoid and able to leave the house with ease. My anxiety has dissipated and I feel more positive and generally much happier within myself and everyone else.

Although we have worked on deep and long-standing issues of mine the session didn't dwell or intrude on them.

Helen made the sessions warm and encompassing.

Thank you Helen x



Confidence and Direction

BEMASS helps me to have a bit more confidence in myself that I am making the right choices and doing the right things. To understand that there is another level to our consciousness. I am not a religious person, but I do feel a sense of spirituality and BEMASS taps into that for me. It links me to a higher plane, if that doesn’t sound a bit too ‘out there’ and it gives me a sense of comfort and security. 

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Stress and Insomnia

My sleep was terrible before I saw Helen and worked ith BEMASS with her. It worked on my sleep which has improved so much, but also my anxiety too! 

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Finding Myself Again

Following the breakdown of a relationship and subsequent divorce and then a few other life lessons, I was feeling a bit knocked sideways and my outlook on life was not what it once was. I was feeling quite down, my decisions and choices were reflecting this, and I was making mistakes in my life that I should have known better than to make. BEMASS helped me to identify what was going on and to get myself back on track. It gave me the courage to believe in myself again too.

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Fear of Driving 

I came to Helen  through a friend, I was having trouble being a passenger in a car and had stopped driving after 3 successive  driving accidents which were out of my control.  This technique was amazing effective at bringing my stress and anxiety whilst in the car.  I would highly recommend.

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Stress and Anxiety

I was suffering with addiction  -  to drugs and drink. Helen was a pleasure to work with and she guided me through the process to find why I have always had addictive tendencies.  My self esteem was also rock bottom and confidence shot and my relationships too. BEMASS not only allowed me to understand why I am like I am, but allowed me to let the past go and look towards the future and build bridges with my family.  I listen to the meditation daily to keep me on track and its working! I am so grateful for the ongoing support I receive.

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