Transforming the body, energy, mind, and soul connection - using BEMASS meditation

Your beliefs about yourself and the world, your emotions, your memories, and habitual patterns all influence your mental and physical health. Past and present negative emotions and thought patterns contribute to imbalances within the body, energy, and mind. Different mental states can positively or negatively affect biological functioning in your body and its energy systems. Your brain is hardwired to allow you to experience different mental states for you to learn from. The subconscious mind encompasses all mental states including thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and emotions - it's our database of how we choose to react positively or negatively to life experiences.



The body-mind connection happens on both a physical and chemical level. Psycho-emotional roots of poor health and disease are a direct influence of the negative responses and connections flowing between your mind, heart and body, and all the stress chemicals and neuro-chemical patterns they create (it’s sound sciencey, but bear with and it all becomes clearer). 



Your nervous, immune and endocrine systems share a common chemical language, they continually communicate between the mind and body through messengers like hormones and neurotransmitters. You may have experienced this aspect of your body-mind connection as butterflies in the stomach when you feel nervous, or when your heart feels like it is pounding out of your chest when you are under intense stress. 


When continually under high levels of stress, the chemicals remain in your system and start to show as physical or mental symptoms. This is your body sending you messages that you should not ignore!



Meditation is a valuable mind-body practice, particularly effective in helping the body control emotional responses (the accompanying neurochemical patterns that have flooded the body with harmful stress hormones). Using therapies like hypnosis, visual imagery, and meditation are known to re-establish balance and promote health; which is why we use them as a key part of the BEMASS program. 



Meditations offer effective ways to release and express disempowering feelings without talking about them or connecting to past incidents They replace negative thoughts with positive ones that start to create change.



Resistant emotional states of control, sadness, fear, guilt, grief, overwhelm, depression, anxiety, resentment, jealousy, and stress, can manifest as symptoms within your body. 



Deep-rooted belief patterns and negative behaviours can lead to poor mental and physical health, addictions, self-sabotage, upper-limits, triggers to stress and contribute to the development of imbalance and disease. 



BEMASS helps you to remove negative emotions and belief patterns so you find a new way of being a happier, healthier and more confident you!

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